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SCORE Baja 250

SCORE Baja 250

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SCORE Baja 250

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The Magnificent 7 continues to approach races with a focus on Customer Service! We are fast-approaching our 50th year of service and support!

We will be doing more than we ever have and there are a lot of opportunities for good work and big fun. We continue to need each of YOU and your enthusiasm. We need all of you to keep talking about us "out there", and for those of you interested in becoming part of a pit crew, new blood coming in is always needed! Contact our membership director, Thomas Caffall on the Contact Us page for more details.

Some annual events and items to consider...

Please note that for SCORE races, the actual course route is not

made public until approx 30 days prior to the race. Our specific pit locations cannot be plotted until then.

SCORE Baja 250 in San Felipe, typically in March of each year. We will be home-based, on-the-beach at Pete's Camp about 10 miles north of town. We establish 4-5 full-service pits spaced at 55-60 mile intervals. Annual club

event will follow the race. This is also the venue where the coveted “Pit Captain of the Year” and the newest recognition program, “Rookie of the Year” for first-year members are announced.

NORRA Mexican 1000, typically in May. An incredible, history soaked, three day race & rally style event beginning in Mexicali with overnight stops in Bay of LA, Loreto and a finish in La Paz. We will establish several full-service pits on each progressive race-day.

Based on the incredible success of the multi-day, multi-stage, full-peninsula runs, the 500 mile version will provide the same thrills and excitement, with less time needed to participate. Typically held in the late summer, the days are long and the weather is perfect to race!

SCORE Baja 500, typically in June. Beginning and ending in Ensenada.

Full service pits spaced at 55-60 mile intervals.

SCORE Baja 1000 typically in November. The course varies from a “loop race”, beginning and ending in Ensenada or a full peninsula run all the way South. Full service pits spaced at 55-60 mile intervals.

Non-race-supporting and fun events:

Pete's camp fun run. Typically held in October and we all bring our toys, camp on the beach and firmly embrace the “no worries” lifestyle for the weekend.

San Diego Off-Road Coalition, Lost Lizard fun run usually each November in our very own Socal Desert. We provided a volunteer-staffed game booth in 2010 and had a huge amount of fun.

Los Anciano's Tecate Enduro. Typically held in December. This legendary event has seen the likes of the most famous Desert riders over the course of it's history. It is easy to get to, but, for riders, it is not for the faint of heart. Many details still need to be worked out. Mark your calenders and stay in touch. More info can be found at www.losancianos.com. During the 2010 50th anniversary event, MAG 7 staffed a pit at the "lunch-stop" and helped repair a lot of bikes including fixing a half-dozen flats, electrical repair and "hammer-tuning" bent parts. Great fun!

Please, stay in touch, stay informed, respond to e-mails in a timely manner and let's continue the traditions that MAG 7 is known for. Quality service to our racers, safety for our crews and racers, and the bonds of brotherhood that have endured for over 40 years.

Bill Thompson

MAG 7 Pit Captain & President


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